Ultrasonic Transducers and Solutions
for Industrial and Medical applications





New demands, new needs

The economic and human stakes linked to the quality or the safety of materials mean that improvements in inspection procedures must be continuously sought.

During the last decade, like echography in the medical field, ultrasonic non destructive testing has asserted itself in the industrial field as a high performance, reliable, economic and flexible technique presenting no risks to operators.

Transducers are a key component of ultrasonic inspection instrumentation. The performance and flexibility of an inspection line are widely based on the functional performance of the transducers within the application context.

Inspection situations and performance needs in terms of detection and evaluation of defects are extremely varied. Standard transducers allow numerous inspections with good results but industrial situations and performance needs offen require transducers which are custom engineered taking into account the constraints of the applications essentially due to:

  • the various inspection methods
  • the parts to be inspected, their geometry and their constituent materials
  • the environmental conditions
  • needs of performance

Innovative and high performance solutions

IMASONIC has developed a new generation of ultrasonic transducers which incorporates the innovative technology of piezoelectric materials using a composite structure called piezocomposite.

This technology has proved itself to be the most powerful currently on the market from numerous aspects directly linked to performance, reliability or even the feasibility of inspections themselves.

Amongst the aspects where piezocomposite technology is the most advantageous can be listed:

  • great flexibility with regard to inspection methods
  • efficiency and precision of the transducers
  • adaptability of the transducers to harsh environments

IMASONIC provides you with this new technology for your non destructive testing applications and offers transducers adapted to your needs by jointly defining with you the objectives to be reached.