The combination of experience and internally developed design software allows for a quick and reliable transducer design for several types of applications
These simulation results are obtained in a few seconds

This configuration show the design of IM series transducers (Immersion transducers), with circular active diameter and flat or spherically focused active aperture

Quick Sonic Software

IM Series transducers

  • Focal distance
  • Lateral resolution along the beam axis
  • Depth of field

In-line Calculation of your IM Transducers focal distance and lateral resolution

This second configuration shows the simulation of the performances of a phased array probe that works in contact with an inclinated wedge, and emit an ultrasonic beam with an incidence angle through an interface

  • Beam steering capability
  • Grating lobes and secondary lobes position
  • Lateral resolution

Simulated PA Probe

Quick Sonic Software