Thanks to its proprietary Piezocomposite technology, Imasonic is a world leader in phased array ultrasonic probes (see phased array concept page )

Due to their structure, Piezocomposite 1-3 materials permit high insulation between each element of a phased array probe. These materials also avoid unexpected radiations, like lateral modes. The result is a beam corresponding to the simulations, and a very high precision beam steering capability.

Imasonic's wide range of materials allow us to manufacture phased array probes in a frequency range from 300 KHz to 18 MHz, while maintaining all other performances of this technology. Combined with our 8 years experience in Piezocomposite Industrial phased array probes, these performances are available for a wide range of configurations

Several options can be combined with these different configurations

Imasonic phased array probes can be adapted to all phased array electronic systems on the market.

Linear  arrays

  • 128 element linear phased array
  • Cylindrically focused active area
  • 32 element linear phased array
  • Miniaturized probe
  • Flat active area
  • High frequency : 17 MHz
  • 16 element linear array
  • Aspherically focused active area to focus through a toroidal interface
  • Soft material wedge to match a toroidal interface


  • 2x12 element phased array
  • Flat active areas with roof and skew angles
  • Integrated wedge
  • Anti reverberation system
  • Water irrigation system.
dualPA1.jpg (34944 octets)
  • 16 element phased array
  • removable wedge
  • Anti reverberation system
  • Water irrigation system

Annular arrays

  • 8 element annular phased array
  • flat active area

Matrix arrays

  • 3 x 3 element matrix phased array
  • Flat active area
  • Miniaturized housing
  • 121 element matrix phased array
  • Aspherical surface to focus through a cylindrical interface
  • Integrated eletrical impedance matching for 121 elements

Ring arrays

  • 80 element ring arrays
  • High frequency : 10 MHz

  • Aspherically focused active area
  • Integrated multiplexer and preamplifier in probe head
  • 2 x 400 element ring phased arrays
  • Flat active area
  • Work in cantact with integrated soft material wedge