Imason Special probes are dedicated to particular applications that require different solutions than those of conventional immersion, contact or phased array probes.

They make it possible to solve new inspections while keeping a high level of acoustical performances

The main specialties of these probes are :

  • Ultrasonic heads for tube inspection by the inside
  • Focused and angled active areas for TOFD technique
  • 8.5 mm diameter
  • Single element transducers
  • Dry contact technique
  • Spot focused beam at the contact point
  • Bi element transducers with acoustic insulation
  • Aspherically focused active area
  • Soft material wedge to match cylindrical interface
  • Large aperture
  • Integrated water irrigation system
  • 4 transducers ultrasonic head
  • Focused active areas
  • Integrated probe holder
  • Soft material wedges
  • Integrated water irrigation system

  • Angled beam transducers
  • 2mm thick probes
  • Integrated water irrigation system
  • Single element transducer
  • 180C immersion use
  • Aspherically focused active area
  • Large aperture
  • Additional electrical matching housing
  • Annuar phased array transducer
  • Aspherical surface to focus through a cylindrical interface
  • Center element with higher frequency