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Bolt Stress backwall60

Ultrasonic bolt stress measurement ensures accurate bolt tensioning by measuring bolt elongation. Internal algorithms compensate for material and temperature changes during tightening and ensure consistent results bolt-after-bolt.

StressTel offers two types of bolt stress measurement instruments: the full featured
BoltMike SMII and the handheld Bolt Monitor with easy-to-interpret display.  Both units are portable, easy-to-use, battery operated, and self-calibrating.

The BoltMike SMII has a full waveform (A-scan) display for fast gauge set-up and consistent transducer placement. Load, stress, and elongation are shown on the easy-to-read display. Measurement data can be uploaded and downloaded directly to a personal computer or to a datacase with a built-in printer for fast documentation and reporting.

The handheld Bolt Monitor has a simple, straightforward display with peak and repeatability measurement indicators. Bolt elongation is shown on a large digital display. Measurement data can be downloaded directly to a printer or personal computer for quick and easy reporting and analysis.

Select the BoltMike SMII for testing multiple materials and bolt sizes or to generate detailed reports.

Select the Bolt Monitor for repeated testing of identical or similar bolts and multiple operator use.


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Bolt Stress Measurement Theory