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 Year 2000

StressTel manufactures a complete range of ultrasonic based thickness gauges and bolt stress measurement instruments.

StressTel thickness gauges allow one-sided measurement of metal and plastic components.  Corrosion gauges with dual element transducers measure remaining wall thickness of pipelines, tanks and other industrial structures exposed to corrosive and erosive conditions. Precision gauges with single element transducers measure thickness of finish-machined and formed parts.


Both types of gauges are available in several versions letting you choose the right tool for your job without paying for features you do not need.

StressTel bolt stress measurement instruments ultrasonically measure the elongation of installed bolts and fasteners. Ultrasonic measurement of bolt elongation determines the true bolt stress and is often used when traditional methods are limited by unpredictable operational variables such as friction and lubricant.

So, whether you are measuring pipelines in Alaska, engine blocks in Detroit, airplane wings in Seattle or storage tanks in Saudi Arabia, look to StressTel - the industry leader - for all your ultrasonic measurement needs.